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Alberto ferreras

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Alberto Ferreras is a writer, filmmaker and content creator known for HBO’s “Habla” documentary series, and author of the award winning novel “B as in Beauty”, published in Spain, Italy and the U.S.
Alberto ferreras
“Que Viva la Música” – Feature Film

Official Selection to Sundance 2015

Screenplay by Alberto Ferreras, Carlos Moreno and Diego Torres. Directed by Carlos Moreno. Based on the novel by Andrés Caicedo. Produced by Dínamo Films and Itaca Films.

Alberto ferreras

“The Lessons” – Ongoing Film Project

Written, Directed and Produced by Alberto Ferreras.

“The Lessons” is an ongoing film project that consists on a collection of short films that were shot with no budget, in only four hours, after just one rehearsal. “The Lessons” won the Audience Award and Best Alumni Film at the Sedona International Film Festival 2020, and honorable mentions and awards at multiple festivals. They have been presented at Outfest, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Hong Kong LGBT Film Festival, the Havana Film Festival, Newfest, Image + Nation in Montreal, Rozen Filmdagen in Amsterdam and NY Shorts among many others.  “Lesson #7” has been acquired by HBO and is currently on the air and available on its digital platforms. 
Alberto ferreras
“Cada Paso del Camino” – Documentary

Official Selection to The New York Latino Film Festival 2017

Directed by Alberto Ferreras. Produced by AARP. Photography by Alex Stikich. Production by Trina Bardusco. Editing by Alberto Ferreras.

Alberto ferreras
“Habla” – Documentary Series

Winner of the Mosaic Awards, New York Film Festivals Awards, Promax  and Mark Awards

Directed by Alberto Ferreras. Produced by HBO. Photography by Henry Adebonojo. Production by Trina Bardusco.

About Alberto

Alberto Ferreras is a writer, filmmaker and creative consultant known for his award winning novel “B as in Beauty”—published in the U.S. Spain, and Italy—, and for “Habla”, a 12-part documentary series created for HBO that has been on the air since 2003. He is one of the creators of “El Perro y el Gato”, a bilingual children’s animated show for HBO Family, and “Madres y Comadres” the first web-novela produced by Kmart for the Hispanic market of the U.S.

He is currently working on a video installation for the Smithsonian Latino Center, and recently finished a new installation of his “Habla” series. His independent short film series called “The Lessons by Alberto Ferreras” has been invited to over 30 film festivals and won the Best Alumni Film and the Audience Award at the Sedona International Film Festival 2020.

Ferreras made his debut as a screenwriter with the feature film “Que Viva La Música” official selection to Sundance 2015. His documentary “Cada Paso del Camino” (2017) commissioned by AARP/D Expósito premiered at the NY Latino Film Festival and went wildly viral on Facebook reaching more than 7 million views, and over 9 thousand comments.

On the stage, he has written and directed “Hamlet in Harlem” (2020) —which was recently featured in a Zoom reading series by Theater For The New City in New York, and “My Audition for Almodovar” (2011) presented at IATI Performing Arts Marathon and at the legendary La Nacional Spanish Center in Manhattan.

His a work as a photographer was featured at Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, in the “Ciudades Durmientes” (Sleeping Cities) digital exhibit 2020.

Ferreras has directed advertising campaigns for Dish Latino, HBO, Cinemax, MetroPlus, Verizon Wireless, and Walgreens—among many others— and has directed branded content for AARP, P&G, Wentworth and the Time Warner Foundation.

Ferreras started his career as writer and producer for MTV’s International show with Daisy Fuentes (1991 to 1993), and then became Executive Producer of HBO Creative Services (1993 – 2005) in charge of comercial campaigns, behind-the-scenes specials and short form content creation. As an independent director and producer he worked with Latino Media Works on several HBO specials of the Habla series.

In January 2015 he created his own company: The New Yorkian LLC.

creative consulting

As a consultant, Alberto Ferreras has worked for some of the most important names in advertising, culture and  entertainment.

Generating New Ideas

in two languages.

Bilingual projects with global sensibility.

Hundreds of stories in English and Spanish for the General and the Latino market.


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The power of artistic expression, film, literature, inclusion

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Clients and colleagues talk about Alberto Ferreras and his work
“Alberto Ferreras has captured artfully the vibrancy and breadth of what this community of artists has built over these ten years.” Jeff Bewkes

CEO, Time Warner

“B as in Beauty is perfectly witty, funny, and truly engaging. Pure escapism, yet strangely real… I couldn’t get enough of B.” Daisy Fuentes

TV icon, entrepreneur.

“The standing ovation goes to all who have collaborated on the project but a lot of the credit goes to Alberto for bringing to life the agency’s vision to deliver a strong message for our  community on behalf of our client” Daisy Expósito-Ulla

Founder, d expósito & Partners

“B as in Beauty is a winner… a hilarious, bizarre, and poignant all-in-one wonderful read. I absolutely loved it. B as in Beauty is B as in Brilliant!.” Soledad O'brien

Journalist and TV producer.

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